Hello 👋

I'm Vanessa - I design digital experiences. I hold a diploma in UX and a BBA with concentrations in Marketing & HR. Through my education, I am well versed in tackling problems that solve both user and business needs. 

I have always felt creative at heart, and during my business studies, I took a visual communication design course where I fell in love with the design thinking process. Pivoting to UX felt natural as it allowed me to merge my passion for being creative with my need to solve interesting problems.

I believe in a human-centered and iterative approach to design, aiming to make digital experiences that are beautiful, usable, and accessible.  


Design Skills ✨

• Communication         

• Experience Mapping     

• Heuristic Evaluation         

• IA

• Rapid Prototyping  

• Research  

• Responsive Web Design

• Strategy     

• Usability Testing     

• UI Design     

• Wireframing

Toolkit 🧰

• Figma

• Sketch

• InVision

• Confluence

• Jira

• Marvel

• Otter.ai

• Zeplin

• Trello

When I'm not designing, I enjoy

Being a dog mom 🐩

In March 2021, my fiancé and I brought home our toy poodle, Arlo. He's a sweet and playful pup that loves doing tricks and going on adventures. I've loved being a dog mom and am happy to have a mini companion who sleeps on my feet while I work. Instagram: @arlo.thetoy 📸

Fitness 💪

Energised from ice skating and group fitness classes. When I'm working out, I love using technology to measure and track my performance so that I can see my progress and keep myself accountable. Currently training to get in shape for my wedding.

Family & Friends 💛

I feel fortunate to have a close-knit family and an incredibly supportive group of friends. My people have brought me so much happiness from going on trips together, visiting new breweries and places to eat, exploring local trails, and many more experiences.

My fiancé is my rock and motivates me every day to be better. He's a data scientist that blogs about his work on fullstaxx.com. He also dabbles in sports card investing under the alias goat.sportscards (we occasionally invest in Pokemon cards too). 

Gaming 🎲🎮

Find me lost in Hyrule on a quest or searching for Korok seeds. If I'm not in Hyrule, then I may be decorating my AC island, Nesterland. My typical weekend involves meeting with friends to play Catan over drinks and a video call. Games have brought me so much joy as I can explore new places and connect with my people over a friendly competition.

Reading 📚

Check out my reading list on Notion!