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As a user experience designer, I enjoy digging deep into user journeys to uncover and solve pain points. From initial problem identification and research to iterating and implementing solutions, the entire design process excites me.


In my past experience as a UX design intern at Visier, I helped define the vision of their Analytics solution with a focus on email scheduling and analysis editing. Recently, I've enjoyed working as a contractor where I'm on a mission to create digital experiences that are beautiful, usable, and accessible.


Currently, I'm open to work ✨

Arlo and I


Doggo 🐩

My little dude, @arlo.thetoy, is a sweet and playful pup that lives for attention. I've loved having a companion who sleeps on my feet while I design... and reminds me to go on much needed walks.

Fitness 💪

Energised by ice skating and Orangetheory classes. I'm currently training to get in shape for my destination wedding next year!

Family & Friends 💛

Foodie trips and exploring local trails wouldn't be the same without my people. I'm grateful to have family and friends to share adventures with.

Gaming 🎮

Find me lost in Hyrule on a quest or hunting for Koroks. If I'm not there, I may be decorating Nesterland, my AC island. Games have brought me joy as I can explore new places and connect with my people over a friendly competition.

Reading 📚

Check out my reading list on Notion ~

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